Producta partecipates at European tender “CoRecPo”

Producta has been chosen by the commission to participate at the European tender CORECPO (“Highly Added Composites Developed by Recycled Plastic Containing Materials”).

For the project has been formed a working group consisting of four European Universities, the Technical University of Athens, in particular the faculty of chemistry that will coordinate the project, the Technical University of Turin, the University of Birmingham and the Belgian University KU Leuven and two Italian companies, PRODUCTA and VIBRAM.

The CORECPO project is part of the European program CE-SPIRE-10-2018 and studies the recycling of different and heterogeneous waste materials containing plastic.

PRODUCTA having already many years of experience in the development and re-use of elastomers from post-production materials will play an important role in the project. It will develop and render available to the working group the different process methods and conditions such as temperatures, pressure and / or applications of nanomolecules during the recycling process of natural and synthetic rubber.

The final quality of the product will be evaluated based on their physicochemical properties resulting from the optimum combination of process conditions and relevant recipes.

2016 Beginning of collaboration Producta – Unicam


In 2016 Producta has signed an important pluriannual collaboration with the Faculty of Organic Chemistry of the University of Camerino, one of the most interesting and innovative Italian reality.

Through this agreement Producta has available a very high technical and scientific level present on the campus and has the possility to certify its products.

Producta with this agreement once again proves to be a company leader of innovation with a constant eye to the development of new technologies.




Producta sponsor of the “5° Scientific Day UNICAM”


Scientific Day of the School of Science and Technology UNICAM

Producta will be the official sponsors of the event to be held at Camerino in the afternoon of next Wednesday, June 8, 2016.
In the afternoon there will be two speeches on scientific publication at the end of which there will be an award for the five best poster presentations.
Winners will receive a bonus to be used for participation in scientific events (schools, congresses etc.) thanks to the contribution kindly provided by Producta.



Download here la locandina dell’evento





Producta amongst the companies admitted to the POR FESR 2014-2020

Thanks to the financial support received by the Region Marches and the European Union through the tender POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 – Priority 1 – Action 1.3 – “Voucher for favouring companies innovation processes and the use of new digital technologies – Tender 2015” , our company has been able to implement its infrastructure realizing important investments both through the adoption of new digital technologies and through the acquisition of innovative methods and tools to support the rationalization of the various design processes.

Twin Systems

Producta is an official partner of the Twin Systems Consortium, a group of leading companies in the distribution of aluminum profiles.
Producta has realized all dies, tools and customized packages that enables it to provide the gaskets, joints and plugs for all systems of Twin Systems.
From 2016 the Consortium Twin Systems has chosen Producta also as supplier of bars for the thermal break.


Permasteelisa Group

Producta, since 2012, has signed an important collaboration with Permasteelisa group which operates worldwide in the design sector, production and installation of architectural envelopes, curtain walls and interior systems, executing the designs of important names of contemporary architecture.
Producta realizes for Permasteelisa customized gaskets with the use of special compounds in Epdm and Silicon, certified according to American standards (ASTM) and British (B.S.).
Among the group’s achievements are some of the most prestigious contemporary architecture in the world.

Socar Tower: Grattacielo a Baku, Azerbaigian (Altezza: 209 m, Piani: 40)

Socar Tower: Skyscraper at Baku, Azerbaigian (Height: 209 m, Floors: 40)

Tadawul Tower: Grattacielo a Riyadh, Arabia Saudita (Altezza: 200 m, Piani: 41)

Tadawul Tower: Skyscrapera Riyadh, Arabia Saudita (Height: 200 m, Floors: 41)


Since many years Producta has been partner of Savio, a company leader in Europe for accessories for aluminum doors and windows, present with his projects all over the world and confirming great design ability and global prestige.
Producta realizes original gaskets Alutec distributed exclusively by Savio.



Since 2012 Producta has been official partner of the Sapa Group, the world’s leader of aluminum extrusion.
Producta has realized in a few years hundreds of dies, tools and types of packaging materials that allow it till today to provide gaskets, joints and plugs for all the systems ‘Original Systems’.