EPDM is a synthetic rubber (ethylene terpolymer / propylene / conjugated diene) from which are drawn certain blends that are subsequently used in the production of our gaskets. Such blends enhance the natural characteristics of vulcanized EPDM.
– Excellent mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation, resistance to laceration);
– Excellent resistance against permanent deformation;
– Excellent resistance to abrasion;
– Excellent resistance to UV radiation and ageing;
– High dimensional stability;
– Temperature of use: from -30° C to 120 ° C.

The gaskets that are manufactured using EPDM are manufactured using blends whose hardness varies from 50 to 95 Shore A.
In our new TOPLINE series of gaskets, rigid EPDM is used (95 Shore A) co-extruded with expanded EPDM. This blend allows for the gasket to be particularly adaptable to the window frame in question.
The gaskets produced using EPDM are recommended particularly for outdoor use, in so far as they are not subject to shrinkage, variations in hardness or in their physical-mechanical performance.