The versatility of mixing such plastic materials with a great number of additives allows us to produce blends with varied physical and mechanical properties in relation to the use that is intended for the product itself. The formulation of CHEMIPRENE, which contains pulverized rubber, was studied specifically in order to give the gasket good compression deformation values. The main characteristics of this product may be classified as follows:
– Good resistance to UV radiation and ageing;
– Reduced permanent traction and compression (compression set) deformation;
– Good stability that reduces the inconvenience caused by shrinkage.
The use of CHEMIPRENE gaskets outdoors must be carefully evaluated, in order to avoid the inconvenience of variations in the physical and mechanical characteristics due to the exposure to too high temperatures.
The “soft” gaskets that are produced with plastomer have good mechanical characteristics. The possibility of co-extrusion between components of differing hardness in the most varied range of colors enlarges the application of these products to include in different sectors. It is however advisable, to use them only indoors, so as to avoid prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents which could lead to variations in mechanical characteristics that may influence their dimensional stability.