Producta, thanks to modern facilities and four different divisions in production that extend to over 7500 square meters, is able to provide all custom solutions and extruded products ad hoc and on customers designs for the window industry.
The range of products of PRODUCTA includes:

  • EPDM rubber gaskets monoextruded or coextruded
  • EPDM rubber gaskets coextruded with EPDM foam (sponge)
  • SILICON rubber gaskets
  • Gaskets in rigid and soft PVC monoextruded and coextruded
  • Rigid profiles and PVC spacers monoextruded and coextruded
  • Gaskets in thermoplastic rubber TPE-S and TPE-V monoextruded and coextruded
  • Bars for thermal break in polyamide 6.6 with a charge of 25% of glass fiber
  • Vulcanized corner gaskets
  • Plugs for glass front systems
  • Vulcanized solid rubber frames
  • Moulded acessories

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