Producta partecipates at European tender “CoRecPo”

Producta has been chosen by the commission to participate at the European tender CORECPO (“Highly Added Composites Developed by Recycled Plastic Containing Materials”).

For the project has been formed a working group consisting of four European Universities, the Technical University of Athens, in particular the faculty of chemistry that will coordinate the project, the Technical University of Turin, the University of Birmingham and the Belgian University KU Leuven and two Italian companies, PRODUCTA and VIBRAM.

The CORECPO project is part of the European program CE-SPIRE-10-2018 and studies the recycling of different and heterogeneous waste materials containing plastic.

PRODUCTA having already many years of experience in the development and re-use of elastomers from post-production materials will play an important role in the project. It will develop and render available to the working group the different process methods and conditions such as temperatures, pressure and / or applications of nanomolecules during the recycling process of natural and synthetic rubber.

The final quality of the product will be evaluated based on their physicochemical properties resulting from the optimum combination of process conditions and relevant recipes.